Review: Sold On A Monday

Sold On A Monday

Author: Kristina McMorris | Published: August 2018 | Historical Fiction | 

In 1931, near Philadelphia, aspiring reporter Ellis Reed photographs a pair of young siblings sitting next to a sign that reads, “2 Children For Sale”. He has no intention of the photo ever being seen by anyone else. That all changes when the newspaper secretary, Lily Palmer, finds the photo.

Lily shows it to their boss who demands that Ellis writes an article to accompany the photo. Capturing the hardships of the Great Depression, the story attracts a great deal of attention and Ellis’s career takes off. But the piece also leads to consequences more devastating than he and Lily ever imagined. Now, they are on a journey to set things right.

Real Life Inspiration
4 children for sale
Real Photo from 1948

Sold on a Monday was inspired by a real photo taken in 1948 showing four children sitting on their front porch steps with a sign saying “4 Children For Sale – Inquire Within”, their mother hiding her face in the background.

I picked up this book because the title and the image on the cover struck something inside of me. I wanted to know what drove this mother to the point of selling her children. What ends up happening to the kids? Unfortunately, the book isn’t really about the kids. At least, not until closer to the end of the story. The main story is mostly about Ellis and Lily.

There are three parts to this book. I found the first two parts to be very slow. I kept putting it down and had a hard time picking it back up. The first half seemed to be setting up the story, which is fine, but it took too long to get to the point.

The third part of the book is much more interesting and I enjoyed it a lot more than the beginning. I like the characters and I think they are well developed, but I felt like the plot dragged on without really going anywhere for over half of the book.

I was really hoping for an emotional story following the children from the photograph and the effects that the Great Depression had on people. The story was completely different than I had anticipated, which felt like a letdown. The story that did unravel through these pages was interesting, but it lacked the emotion I had hoped for when I picked this book up.

I think this book is alright, but I probably will never read it again.

2 children for sale

Have you read “Sold on a Monday”? What did you think about the book? Is it on your reading list?

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